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The Beer Embassy

The Beer Embassy was created to bring a bit of beer culture into people’s life, much like a regular embassy helps expanding the culture of a country to the world, but without the boring and strenuous bureaucracy, here we account only for the fun part – the beer, of course.

The idea is to go beyond the mass produced brands and offer you the opportunity to experience different flavors, colors and aromas. Try and compare new styles and well-established concepts of beer side by side, taste local and international brands and learn a bit from other cultures by drinking their brews!

The main goal of The Beer Embassy is to show people that the world of beer has more to offer than your regular label at your regular pub. Our beer tasting events are made for both novice and experienced enthusiasts. We will guide you through the world of microbreweries, special brews and craft beers, while adding a dash of beer-related culture through stories and interesting facts.

Check out the events that The Beer Embassy can provide to you, your company, your club and your friends, or join one of our open events! Enjoy your evening while having a beer with your friends and listening to stories that bring you a bit of a new culture! Culture through beer!


Small groups and in-company events

We will organize a beer tasting for your special event and for your company. Bring something different to your guests by having them try a thematic beer tour, or learn a bit about beer tasting – with our own beer tasting sheets, appropriate glassware and, of course beer.

  • Special dinners
  • Small celebrations
  • Team building events
  • Entertaining events for your clients/suppliers

Open events

The Beer Embassy will periodically organize open public events, which will be announced here. Bring that friend who always says “I don’t like beer, it tastes all the same” and we will prove that he/she just haven’t had the right one yet

  • Like our Facebook page to receive invitations to our next open event: www.facebook.com/thebeerembassy/
  • If you would like to promote an open beer tasting in your bar or pub, contact us!

Thematic events

Entertaining and culturally informative, you can pick from several themes or contact us to request a personalized one

  • Around the world (of beer)
  • Belgian Ales,
  • Trappist beers,
  • American-style IPAs
  • German microbreweries
  • Exotics

Beer tasting intro

For all of you who’d like to go a bit deeper into the beer tasting experience, this one includes

  • An introduction on the basic steps of beer tasting
  • Beer tasting sheets for taking notes
  • An introduction on beer styles, with deeper focus on the ones to be tried during the event
  • As usual, stories and curiosities about the world of beers!

Upcoming Event

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Theme: Around the world of Beer


When: 27th of August 2016

What: Pairing of 6 beers from different styles and countries with an assortment of cheeses, cold cuts and specialities.
The line-up contains craft beers from canada, mexico, australia, japan, germany and belgium, in styles variating from light golden and pale ales to strong and full-bodied IPAs and Tripel

Fee: 25 Euros per person

This will take place at the consulting lounge/expresso bar of my dear friend Sharon Leigh (full address to be disclosed for those who reserve a ticket), so you will have the opportunity to delight yourself not only with beer and food but also enjoy the unique environment of her lounge.

To assure your place, please reserve your ticket in advance. As soon as you reserve your ticket, you will receive a message containing a confirmation and the full address of the event.

Reservations will only be made upon payment and follow the "first come, first served" order. If you payed and can not come, your credit will be saved for future events organized by "The Beer Embassy" according to the refund policy described at the end.

You can pay with PayPal by following the "tickets" link - LINK DEACTIVATED - (you don't need to create a PayPal account for using it)

Limited to 15 participants - BOOKED OUT -

(boring stuff I know, but I gotta state it. Hope you guys don't need to use it)
In case you can not come, your credit will be stored for future events organized by "The Beer Embassy" according to how early you notify us about your absence:
- 72 hours or more before the event (3+ days) - The full value (100%) will be restored as credit for future events
- 48 to 72 hours before the event (2-3 days) - 75% of the payed value will be restored as credit
- Less than 48 hours before the event (within 2 days) - 50% of the payed value will be restored as credit
- No-show without a valid notification by event starting time - no credit (0%) will be restored
No cash refunds will be made regardless of notification, only credit storage
What constitutes a valid notification:
1 - Email (events@beerembassy.com)
2 - Facebook inbox messages to my personal profile (Gustavo Blazek) or to The Beer Embassy's Facebook page
3 - SMS or Whatsapp messages to +49 (0) 176 6684 7158


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